Innovating the way people clean cars

A new premium car wash service

  • Our company specializes in auto detailing & premium car wash services.
  • We stand apart due to our focus on innovation, convenience & eco-friendly practices, being as the first car cleaning solution that wastes 50x less water than traditional methods.
  • Through our proven method we are able to safely remove dirt, grime and tar without harming a vehicle´s paints.

Head office

225 Metcalf St. – Suite 111
Ottawa ON K2P 1P9

PHONE: 1-613-595-0505 

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We are leading.

We provide progressive, convenient and eco-friendly solutions for our customers

We are eco-friendly.

We want to challenge + change the car wash industry, establishing methods that conserve water while using products that reduce waste.

We are excellence.

We strive to serve every customer with the highest standards. Our desire is to offer a fun, genuine & unique experience.

We work for big brands. 

Puresteam is already being used by big international chains who want to expand their business opportunities, to be associated with ecological enviroments, and to preserve their customer satisfaction.